1 May 2013

1st May - The Cure's Disintegration

Artist – Album: The Cure - Disintegration
Released:  1st May 1989
Sounds Like: Spider lovin’ goths

Just under a month ago I reviewed a 2008 album called Saturdays = Youth by M83; an album that I concluded did a great job at taking all the best bits of the 80’s, stuffing them into a chunky blender and indulging in the results. You won’t find the theatrical, angsty lyrics here, or the teenage spoken middle, or even the bombastic drums, but for the lush, all-consuming soundscapes Disintegration may well have been exhibit A.

Right from the off, the symphonic opener ‘Plainsong’ sets the standard for an album crammed with epic, magisterial pieces. Fan favourite ‘Pictures of You’ is lumbering and slow, but it’s so gorgeous and heartfelt that it could be the best song they’ve ever recorded. ‘Lovesong’ may be a love song, but it’s shrouded in melancholy. ‘Lullaby’ is creeping and eerie, with ominous strings and whispered, paranoid lyrics, whilst ‘Fascination Street’ pulsates hatefully. It’s an exceptional collection of tracks and amazingly well realised record.

For those that only really know The Cure for ‘Love Cats’ or ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ or ‘Close to Me’ - God, they’ve had some cracking songs haven’t they? - this may come as something of a shock; I mean there’s nothing here that even remotely qualifies as pop. But if you’re aware that there’s more to The Cure than ‘Friday I’m in Love’ (gosh, another great one) then you’re bound to have a lot of love for this. It may just be the finest album of their career.

Albumaday... rating:  8/10

1.       Plainsong – 5:12
2.       Pictures of You – 7:24
3.       Closedown – 4:16
4.       Lovesong – 3:29
5.       Last Dance – 4:42
6.       Lullaby – 4:08
7.       Fascination Street – 5:16
8.       Prayers for Rain – 6:05
9.       The Same Deep Water as You – 9:19
10.   Disintegration – 8:18
11.   Homesick – 7:06
12.   Untitled – 6:30

Listen to ‘Plainsong’:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZoYzne9Tpg

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