11 June 2013

11th June - Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends

Artist – Album: Coldplay – Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends
Released: 11th June 2008
Sounds Like: Coldplay and all of their friends

Ever since Coldplay broke on to the scene and were labelled as the new Radiohead (seems a bit daft now eh?), they’ve approached their music in a magpie manner. A Rush of Blood to the Head was stadium pop in the style of Fleetwood Mac or U2 (whose Bono is also often imitated by the overly-earnest Chris Martin), whilst X&Y unashamedly stole from Kraftwerk and had songs that belonged in R.E.M. or Depeche Mode’s back catalogue (as well as a load of crap). Although their debut had a certain freshness on its release, their dilution of other great bands’ offerings since has led to a lot of us turning off and tuning out. Viva La Vida though contains some pilferings that are generally surprising and, at times, are genuinely interesting.

Lost!’ has tabla backing, as rubbing shoulders with hip hop legend Timbaland rubs off positively with perky percussion on their gospel tinged pop. Some of their experimental blue eyed soul such as on the majestic 'Strawberry Swing' invokes thoughts of Peter Gabriel. And ‘Yes’ has clear shoegaze and noise pop influences. If Martin and co. haven’t been listening firsthand to My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, they’ve at least bought a M83 album.

Unfortunately the band can’t help but revert to type, and it’s the hits – which admittedly made a big impression on the record buying public – that most disappoint.  Still, it’s an interesting listen for any of you that hasn't already given up on them, and it hopefully points towards a new dawn for who still are one of the world’s premier bands.

Albumaday... rating: 6/10

1.       Life in Technicolor – 2:29
2.       Cemeteries of London – 3:21
3.       Lost! – 3:55
4.       42 – 3:57
5.       Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love – 6:51
6.       Yes – 7:06
7.       Viva la Vida – 4:01
8.       Violet Hill – 3:42
9.       Strawberry Swing – 4:09

10.   Death and All His Friends – 6:18

Listen to ‘Strawberry Swing’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb9X5jMofEo

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