4 September 2013

4th September - The Hidden Cameras' Awoo

Artist – Album: The Hidden Cameras - Awoo

Released:  4th September 2006

Sounds Like: “gay church folk”

Given three words to describe The Hidden Cameras’ music, I don’t think “gay church folk” are quite the trio that spring to my mind, but that’s exactly what frontman Joel Gibbs plumped for back in 2003. On that years’ The Smell of Our Own and 2004’s Mississauga Goddam they may have been more overtly homosexual (with songs named ‘Ban Marriage’ and one about golden showers), but by Awoo you have to know what you’re looking for to pick up on the references. How churchy they are is also a matter for debate – I suppose you could draw a link between their deliciously pure chamber pop and the interior of a pristine chapel, whereas the sheer volume of members past and present could be called a large congregation, but I’m clutching at straws really.
As for folk, well, there’s definitely some folkier moments here in the likes of ‘Fee Fie’ and ‘Follow These Eyes’, but that’s just one of a number of touchstones. There’s a rolling rock in the form of ‘Death of a Tune’ and delicious twee pop in ‘For Fun’ and ‘She’s Gone’. Lollipop’ is their attempt at ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’. Then there’s the unclassifiable, yet awesomely infectious, title track.
It may be slightly overproduced, and some of Gibbs’ brainwaves towards the end of the record don’t feel entirely thought out, but this is still a hugely enjoyable album. Three words to describe it? Contagious, gorgeous indie-pop (Hyphens count right??)
Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       Death of a Tune – 2:43
2.       AWOO – 2:44
3.       She’s Gone – 3:39
4.       Lollipop – 3:13
5.       Fee Fie – 3:27
6.       Learning the Lie – 2:18
7.       Follow These Eyes – 4:22
8.       Heji – 2:37
9.       Heaven Turns To – 3:36
10.   Wandering – 2:46
11.   For Fun – 5:07
12.   Hump From Bending – 3:10
13.   The WAning mOOn – 4:29
Listen to ‘She’s Gone’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWgizsBmN6A

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