9 April 2013

9th April - Alabama Shakes' Boys & Girls

Artist – Album: Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls
Released:  9th April 2012               
Sounds Like: A landmark

People of the world rejoice! I am a hero! Fanfares toot for me, fireworks spell out my name in the clear night sky, and, in pubs up and down the country, best friends will cheers a hearty cheers, sip their drinks and shake their heads with a wry smile at my tremendous achievement. For today, I’m sure you’re aware, is the 100th day of 2013. Which means that – ahhh yes, you’ve got it – this is my 100th album review. 100 days, 100 blogs. Thank you. Thank you.

The subject of this post, apart from my blatant awesomeness, is Alabama Shakes’ Boys & Girls; an album that was only released last year and is therefore the newest I’ve listened to during this whole stupid boy project. However recent it may be, it’s also steeped in rollicking rock history and therefore a good rowdy record to be listening to on my centi-post.

Right from the first track, the irrepressible ‘Hold On’, with its slumbering introduction and the hollered chorus “You got to... wait!”, the albums revels in its bluesy roots rock heritage. It’s not hard to hear Janis Joplin in Brittany Howard’s raw vocals, but there are also echoes of the great Creedence Clearwater Revival, AC/DC and even early Kings of Leon in their music. ‘I Found You’, ‘You Ain’t Alone’ and particularly the brilliant ‘Be Mine’ sit next to the opening song as the best bits here and are well worth seeking out.

Unsurprisingly for a band that so proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, nothing here is groundbreaking. However, it’s still a great debut, and, at least for me on this momentous day, a landmark album.

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       Hold On – 3:46
2.       I Found You – 2:59
3.       Hang Loose – 2:24
4.       Rise to the Sun – 3:08
5.       You Ain’t Alone – 4:44
6.       Goin’ to the Party – 1:45
7.       Heartbreaker – 3:47
8.       Boys & Girls – 3:25
9.       Be Mine – 4:14
10.   I Ain’t the Same – 2:55
11.   On Your Way – 3:05

Also released on the 9th April:
1984: R.E.M - Reckoning

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