17 November 2013

17th November - The Faces' A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... to a Blind Horse

Artist – Album: The Faces – A Nod is as Good as a Wink… to a Blind Horse
Released: 17th November 1971
Sounds Like: Ex-horse-tive metaphors

This album lines up as something of a two horse race, with The Faces/The Small Faces mainstay Ronnie Lane going hoof to hoof with a dashing young colt named Rod Stewart. Although the chirpy Lane was an experienced heavyweight, having lead the group  in their various incarnations through their sixties heyday, the smart money was on Stewart, who had the form and was riding high on the success of ‘Maggie May’ and his solo album Every Picture Tells a Story. 

They're under starter's orders and they're off!

Stewart is off to a flyer with ‘Miss Judy’s Farm’ and is the first to show.
But Lane has pegged him back with the comical ‘You’re So Rude’. Nothing between these two.
The going is a little tougher than Stewart would like and Stewart stumbles a little on ‘Love Lives Here’. Lane is clear with ‘Last Orders Please’.
It’s neck and neck again with the rollicking ‘Stay With Me’.
But Lane has now built up a big lead with the beautiful ‘Debris’.
Stewart is desperately trying to catch Lane as they race to the line on the fantastic Chuck Berry cover ‘Memphis, Tennessee’.
It’s still Lane from Stewart as we approach the final stretch after ‘Too Bad’.
Stewart is eating up the ground as the approach the post and the party anthem ‘That’s All You Need’. Matching stride for stride, length and line, it must be a photo.
I can’t separate them but- and- and Lane wins by a nose! What a race!

And now it's back to topless darts at Roehampton.

Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       Miss Judy’s Farm – 3:42
2.       You’re So Rude – 3:46
3.       Love Lives Here – 3:09
4.       Last Orders Please – 2:38
5.       Stay with Me – 4:42
6.       Debris – 4:39
7.       Memphis, Tennessee – 5:31
8.       Too Bad – 3:16
9.       That’s All You Need – 5:05

Listen to ‘Debris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sSXQtkFwtw  

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