4 May 2013

4th May - The Magnetic Fields' i

Artist – Album: The Magnetic Fields - I
Released:  4th May 2004
Sounds Like: I like

In ‘i’, influential indie icons The Magnetic Fields employ the inherently implausible imperative of including only songs initiating with I. If insanely intricate, it evidently isn’t impossible.

Impressively the idiosyncratic artists instil and imbue the identical imagination, invention and irony here as on other, less impractical endeavours. ‘I Don’t Believe You’ is them at their ingenious acme, infused as it is with their innate intelligence and insight, and includes the initial idiom “so you quote love unquote me”; so incisive, so amusing. ‘I Thought You Were My Boyfriend’ is intellectual electro-indie. ‘If There’s Such a Thing as Love’ embodies the idealism and innocence of infatuation, announcing “I’m in it!” ‘In an Operetta’ is orchestral and innovative and ‘Infinitely Late at Night’ is erudite and infected with arid humour and intelligence.

Often incredible, always individual, ‘i’ is an important addition to any aspiring intelligentsia (or plain indie aficionado) who wishes to indulge in an improbably agile and entertaining hour.

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       I Die – 2:14
2.       I Don’t Believe You – 3:40
3.       I Don’t Really Love You Anymore – 2:33
4.       I Looked All Over Town – 2:39
5.       I Thought You Were My Boyfriend – 4:24
6.       I Was Born – 2:01
7.       I Wish I Had an Evil Twin – 3:16
8.       If There’s Such a Thing as Love – 2:57
9.       I’m Tongue-Tied – 2:49
10.   In an Operetta – 2:02
11.   Infinitely Late at Night – 2:45
12.   Irma – 2:23
13.   Is This What They Used to Call Love – 3:04
14.   It’s Only Time – 4:25 

Listen to ‘I Don’t Believe You’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7yePNyz-nc

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