9 May 2013

9th May - Wild Beasts' Smother

Artist – Album: Wild Beasts - Smother
Released:  9th May 2011
Sounds Like: Sexy time

Kendal based indie rock group Wild Beasts are currently producing some of the most original and intriguing sounds in modern music. Hayden Thorpe sings in a realm that lies somewhere between the epic theatricality of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright and the campy falsetto of Mika. Their dream pop, looped jangly guitars and bombastic drumming has carved out for them their own separate niche within the alternative rock arena.

To an extent, the group drop the bombast of the percussion here and draw out the music to atmospheric mini-epics. They’ve also become somewhat (read completely and utterly) obsessed with sex. Case in point, opener ‘Lion’s Share’, which contains the following perverse lyrics: “I wait until you're woozy, I won't know until your limp, I take you in the mouth, Like a lion takes his game”. Or try this verse on from ‘Bed of Nails’: “Our love, Frankenstein in nature and design, Like the Shelleys on their very first time, When our bodies become electrified, Together we bring this creature to life”. There’s always a place for lovemaking in rock (rock and roll itself derived its name from such fooling around), but rarely has an album been so singularly focused on the subject.  

Smother isn’t Wild Beasts at their most exhilarating – a lot of the songs here come and go subtly, gathering their discarded clothes and sneaking out quietly while you sleep. But the album pulsates with rhythmic endurance and is quite captivating with its sleazy and dangerous undertones. A band to watch and an album to listen to.

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       Lion’s Share – 4:14
2.       Bed of Nails – 4:18
3.       Deeper – 3:01
4.       Loop the Loop – 4:06
5.       Plaything – 4:21
6.       Invisible – 2:58
7.       Albatross – 3:12
8.       Reach a Bit Further – 3:36
9.       Burning – 4:44
10.   End Come Too Soon – 7:32

Listen to ‘Bed of Nails ’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZaevasFRUg

Also released on the 9th April:
2006: Beirut – Gulag Orkestar

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