19 August 2013

19th August - Artic Monkeys' Humbug

Artist - Album: Arctic Monkeys - Humbug
Released: 19th August 2009
Sounds like: cohesive rubbish (the words of my flatmate)

Not only is today the birthday of the Arctic Monkey's third album, but it's also the day of birth of another of the city of Sheffield's finest exports, Amy. Happy birthday girly! She's actually in London today, so I'm blogging about Humbug during the half time break in the Manchester City v Newcastle game.

By 2009, The Monkeys had come a long way from their The Jam inspired tighter-than-a-tight-thing beginnings. Unfortunately, not all of it was in the right direction. Some songs here - 'My Propeller', 'Dangerous Animals' and 'Secret Door' in particular - are just a touch lethargic, and lack any of the hooks and boisterousness that made their debut album such a hit. That said, there are some great moments: 'Crying Lightning' has a rolling stately elegance, whilst 'Cornerstone', the clear standout of this set, is perfect indie pop, with Alex Turner producing his best impression of fellow Sheffielder Jarvis Cocker with trademark wit and intelligence.

In truth though, for all the potential here - I've not yet mentioned that it was produced by Queen of the Stone Age Josh Homme - the album fails to deliver regularly enough. Which is not something you can say about that Manchester City front line after their rousing 4-0 victory.

Analbumaday... rating: 7/10

1. My Propeller - 3:27
2. Crying Lightning - 3:43
3. Dangerous Animals - 3:30
4. Secret Door - 3:43
5. Potion Approaching - 3:32
6. Fire and the Thud - 3:57
7. Cornerstone - 3:18
8. Dance Little Liar - 4:43
9. Pretty Visitors - 3:40
10. The Jeweller's Hands - 5:42

Listen to 'Cornerstone':  www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIQz6zZi7R0

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