4 August 2013

4th August - Snow Patrol's Final Straw

Artist – Album: Snow Patrol – Final Straw
Released:  4th August 2003
Sounds Like:  The abominable Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol first found mainstream success with their third album Final Straw and, in particular, the Coldplay-esque single ‘Run’ (covered in typically overwrought fashion by The X Factor winner Leona Lewis in 2008). Given that the record was followed by the earnest Eyes Open and its own anthems ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Set the Fire to the Third Bar’, it’s hard not to lump the group with Coldplay and other such purveyors of bland adult-orientated rock/tosh. However, once you’ve passed the gentle (but interesting) lovers’ quarrel of ‘How to Be Dead’, the band reveal a spikiness and penchant for distortion on ‘Wow’ and ‘Spitting Games’ that signifies the additional influence from the alternative likes of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

Chocolate’ was the third single released from the album, and probably settles the argument on what Snow Patrol are trying to achieve from their music. Theirs is commercially accessible indie rock, designed to please both poppy audiences with their sincere love songs, and placate fans of heavier stuff with edgy guitars and driving percussion (very similar to Doves’ ‘Pounding’ on this particular track). They are masters are what they do, and whilst it’s easy for critics to dismiss it as derivative or humdrum, it’s unquestionably hard to dislike.

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       How to Be Dead – 3:21
2.       Wow – 4:02
3.       Gleaming Auction – 2:04
4.       Whatever’s Left – 2:39
5.       Spitting Games – 3:46
6.       Chocolate – 3:02
7.       Run – 5:54
8.       Grazed Knees – 2:55
9.       Ways & Means – 4:47
10.   Tiny Little Fractures – 2:28
11.   Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking – 4:32
12.   Same – 3:54

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