23 August 2013

24th August - The Rolling Stones' Tattoo You

Artist - Album: The Rolling Stones - Tattoo You
Released: 24th August 1981
Sounds like: confessional

Hello. My name's Joe. And I'm a serial Stones doubter.

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from an absurd affliction, with which I struggle to take The Rolling Stones seriously. Maybe it's because of the decline in standards of their later work, maybe it's because of Jagger's ridiculous prancing about in the video to 'Dancing in the Street' (although that hasn't done David 'the Goblin King' Bowie any harm), maybe its just because they're still going to this day when by rights they should be in retirement homes (or graveyards, indestructible Keef!); whatever it is, I just can't help it. Which, I admit, is ridiculous, especially when you consider that the Stones are still the only band who can stand up next to The Beatles as the greatest rock group of all time.

I've become accustomed to earlier records being pleasant surprises, but I had my doubts about one from the Eighties. Especially, when I learnt that it's basically a compilation of outtakes from the past decade or so. First track - 'Start Me Up'... and it looks like I'm wrong again.

Split between a half of rockers and a half of ballads, the first side builds on the openers' party anthem feel to create a rip roaring mini-suite. Particular favourites are the bouncy 'Hang Fire' and the sleazy 'Slave'. There's real soul in Jagger's often comical voice, and the ballads here are expertly treated by the legendary frontman. 'Tops' is tops. There's more magic in these off cuts than there is in most of the artists I've reviewed's masterpieces.

Analbumaday... rating: 8/10

1. Start Me Up - 3:31
2. Hang Fire - 2:20
3. Slave - 4:59
4. Little T&A - 3:23
5. Black Limousine - 3:32
6. Neighbours - 3:31
7. Worried About You - 5:16
8. Tops - 3:45
9. Heaven - 4:21
10. No Use in Crying - 3:24
11. Waiting on a Friend - 4:34

Listen to 'Hang Fire': www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xbtlW16Gts

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