20 February 2013

20th Feb - Eluvium's Copia

Artist – Album: Eluvium - Copia
Released:  20th February 2007    
Sounds Like: Watching the sunrise from a luscious green meadow. Kind of like the cover art.

Eluvium’s Copia is one of the most soothing and beautiful albums I’ve ever heard. Bold statement I know...

This album sounds like a sunny afternoon canal trip in a hired boat, sipping on cooled beers with your a bunch of your best mates. It is like a luxurious Radox bath just for your ears. It is what you would get if you put the films Harvey, Babe and Life is Beautiful into a blender and then poured the results into a CD shaped cast. It’s like when your birthday lands on a Saturday. It’s the same as when the clocks go back and you have an extra hour in bed. It sounds like walking in a meadow with your sweetheart, gazing at the fluffy clouds in the sky and picking up forget-me-nots. It’s the aural equivalent of Soothers. For any lady readers that I may or may not have, it sounds like that feeling you get when you’ve shaved your legs and then get under a nice soft quilt. Or so I’m lead to believe.

I could go on...

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       Amerik – 3:18
2.       Indoor Swimming at the Space Station – 10:29
3.       Seeing You Off the Edges – 5:03
4.       Prelude for Time Feelers – 5:48
5.       Requiem on Frankfort Ave – 2:41
6.       Radio Ballet – 3:12
7.       (Intermission) – 0:50
8.       After Nature – 1:51
9.       Reciting the Airships – 4:35
10.   Ostinato – 6:08
11.   Hymn #1 – 1:32
12.   Repose in Blue – 9:18

Listen to ‘Radio Ballet’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqb60rxl96I

Also released on the 20th February:
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