8 February 2013

8th Feb - Gil Scott-Heron's I'm New Here

Artist – Album: Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here
Released:  8th February 2010      
Sounds Like: Awesomeness. Just awesome.

Ok, so i’ve just been out for a few drinks and I’m hoping to go out for a few more so, honestly, I can’t be bothered writing a comprehensive review...

This was a refreshingly brilliant album though. The bookending tracks ‘On Coming from a Broken Home’ are two parts of the same fabulous, spoken word poem about his upbringing, set around a soothing Kanye West sample (‘Flashing Lights’, for those that are interested).

Elsewhere: ‘Me and the Devil’ – good; ‘Your Soul and Mine’ – good; ‘I’m New Here’ – gooooooood.

In conclusion (haha, yes I’m done already!), this is an extraordinary album that takes in trip hop and electronica influences and uses them to update blues sounds. It’s a great album from the erstwhile jazz poet and the last before he died, and certainly one that deserves more effort than I’m giving it...

Albumaday... rating: 9/10

1.       On Coming from a Broken Home (Part 1) – 2:20
2.       Me and the Devil – 3:33
3.       I’m New Here – 3:33
4.       Your Soul and Mine – 2:02
5.       Parents (Interlude) – 0:18
6.       I’ll Take Care of You – 2:58
7.       Being Blessed (Interlude) – 0:12
8.       Where Did the Night Go – 1:14
9.       I Was Guided (Interlude) – 0:14
10.   New York Is Killing Me – 4:29
11.   Certain Things (Interlude) – 0:08
12.   Running – 2:00
13.   The Crutch – 2:44
14.   I’ve Been Me (Interlude) – 0:16
15.   On Coming from a Broken Home (Part 2) – 2:15

Listen to ‘I’m New Here’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV_astp3BjM
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