25 February 2013

25th Feb - Nick Drake's Pink Moon

Artist – Album: Nick Drake – Pink Moon
Released:  25th February 1975
Sounds Like: A gentle Armageddon is on its way

Nick Drake has attained near mythic status over the course of the last decade or so. Somehow there’s romance in the tragedy of the young hero who, unloved in his time, takes his own life. See also Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley. But the legend doesn’t arise from our love of heartbreak alone – although he was only 23 when he released Pink Moon, his third and final album, with it he completed a beautiful hat trick of albums that deserve to garner the acclaim they are now afforded.

Title track ‘Pink Moon’ is probably the liveliest track on the album, involving as it does hushed vocals, acoustic guitar and piano. On first glance it’s a lovely, sunny track about some strange natural phenomenon, but on closer inspection it’s Drake is welcoming in the apocalypse with a vacant smile on his face. “Pink Moon gonna get ye all” indeed.

Although it’s not easy, the rest of the album finds Drake crawl further within himself. Gone is the piano, and Drake lyrics become less decipherable. Song titles like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Free Ride’ give some indication of the sinister turn his words have taken. His masterful knowledge of guitar chords and strange tunings keep his plucked acoustic tracks interesting and the his delivery seems alarmingly content, as though he’s already given himself up to things behind the sun.

And then it’s finished. At only 28 minutes long it’s the shortest album I’ve reviewed yet, but the consistent brilliance of the whole record means that it can be played through on a never-ending loop ‘til Judgement Day.  

Albumaday... rating: 10/10

1.       Pink Moon – 2:06
2.       Place to Be – 2:43
3.       Road – 2:02
4.       Which Will – 2:58
5.       Horn – 1:23
6.       Things Behind the Sun – 3:57
7.       Know – 2:26
8.       Parasite – 3:36
9.       Free Ride – 3:06
10.   Harvest Breed – 1:37
11.   From the Morning – 2:30

Listen to ‘From the Morning’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAmq-KeX18s

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