26 February 2013

26th Feb - Beach House's Devotion

Artist – Album: Beach House - Devotion
Released:  26th February 2008
Sounds Like: Ethereal angels

A few years ago Beach House played at Manchester Cathedral, a gig that I still kick myself for not managing to get to (which has ruined my ankles and made me 75% less awesome at football). I can hardly think of a better pairing of artist and venue. The band's atmospheric, late-night music must've been wonderfully complemented by the cavernous, grand, divine interior of the large temple.
Continuing along the church theme (cracking segue there Joe) Devotion, Beach House’s second album, kicks off with ‘Wedding Bell’. For all that their signature sound is gossamer dream pop, this starter is actually much more straightforward; delicate, indie-folk festooned with sliding guitars and girly vocals. It’s a wonderful example of the way that Beach House have expanded (being very much a relative term) on the style of their first album.
If you want more of the same, try the brilliant, chiming ‘Gila’ or ‘Turtle Island’. But if you’d prefer a few interesting flecks on the otherwise uniform shiny surface, you’ve got other options here too. Before the respectful cover of Daniel Johnstone’s ‘Something’s Last a Long Time’, ‘All These Years’ and ‘Heart of Chambers’ represent some of the most lively tunes in the group’s canon, and they’re just as good as their more standard stuff. Heavenly, angelic music.
Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       Wedding Bell – 3:55
2.       You Came to Me – 4:05
3.       Gila – 4:46
4.       Turtle Island – 4:00
5.       Holy Dances – 4:19

6.       All the Years – 3:36
7.       Heart of Chambers – 4:25
8.       Some Things Last a Long Time – 2:32
9.       Astronaut – 5:05
10.   D.A.R.L.I.N.G. – 3:18
11.   Home Again – 4:09

Listen to ‘Wedding Bell’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JqYVukDpqI

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