10 July 2013

10th July - Coldplay's Parachutes

Artist – Album: Coldplay - Parachutes
Released: 10th July 2000
Sounds Like: You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.

As Coldplay have spent the years since Parachutes simultaneously becoming more bloated and banal, it’s easy to forget just how refreshing and accomplished their debut album was. Like Steve Martin or Liverpool FC before them, they have descended into some kind of mega-money but soulless, popular but ultimately much more shit version of their former selves.

But Parachutes is great. ‘Don’t Panic’ shuffles in, almost too timid to enter the room fully, before breaking out of its shell with the bold chorus of “we live in a beautiful world”, ‘Shiver’ races along its glorious indie-rock soundtrack, bursting out its seams in joyous adoration. ‘Spies’ is hushed and sombre, whilst ‘Sparks’ is a gorgeous, gentle love song. And then there’s ‘Yellow’, their breakthrough hit for fans of blue-eyed indie-soul and ‘Trouble’, the one for adherents of darker, more paranoid music. The album has got more hits than a useless boxer.

Of course, as successful as they have always been, Coldplay have never been near to cool. Chris Martin looked unfortunately similar to Napoleon Dynamite and lyrics like those on ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ in his choir boy vocals hardly endeared his band to the stylish contingent. Subsequent stadium rock ubiquity, Bono-esque douchebagness and bully-friendly child naming (Apple! It’s an iMartin!), haven’t helped matters, but I truly and honestly believe that their debut album is terrific. And I don’t care if you never read my blog again (No! Please don’t go!)  

Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       Don’t Panic – 2:17
2.       Shiver – 4:59
3.       Spies – 5:18
4.       Sparks – 3:47
5.       Yellow – 4:29
6.       Trouble – 4:30
7.       Parachutes – 0:46
8.       High Speed – 4:14
9.       We Never Change – 4:09
10.   Everything’s Not Lost – 7:15

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