5 July 2013

5th July - Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Artist – Album: Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Released: 5th July 2010
Sounds Like: Outkast’s better half?

Following a drawn out wait for release and feverish rumour mill more reminiscent of a summer football transfer saga, Sir Lucious Left Foot was finally released in the summer of 2010 to near universal acclaim. It perhaps shouldn’t surprise anyone that one half of Outkast, possible the 21st century’s greatest group, should produce such an accomplished and assured debut. But, you know, it kind of did...

In the southern hip hop duo, Big Boi was seen as the heavy – his lyrics contained powerful hip hop bravado and he possessed a machine gun flow that few of his contemporaries could compete with, but wasn’t he really just the muscles to back up Andre 3000’s offbeat genius and deft creativity?

Instead, with superb tracks like ‘Shutterbugg’, ‘Tangerine’, ‘Hustle Blood’ and the Harold Melvin sampling ‘Shine Blockas’, this album proved he was his friend’s creative equal. ‘General Patton’ features a sample from an opera, ‘You Ain’t No DJ’ is propelled by a manic backbeat that could’ve come from an early The Prodigy track, whilst ‘Be Still’, featuring the angelic Janelle Monáe, becomes a beautiful funky ballad. Monáe is just one of an impressive cast of supporting characters, as the likes of T.I., Jamie Foxx, George Clinton, B.O.B. and Gucci Mane all bring their considerable talents to the court, but Big Boi remains the star. His delivery as elastic as ever, mellow one minute, frenetic the next. And whilst the themes here are very much the typical R&B cocktail of bragging, sex and clubbing, here the lines are dispensed with fantastic wit and skill. For example, in the weed-celebrations of ‘Fo Yo Sorrows’(featuring George Clinton, who the album’s funky looseness has drawn comparisons to) we're hit with the following low blow “In my chair, as I sit back smiling from ear to ear with a fistful of your girlfriend's hair. Yes, she'll blow one tonight, fo' yo' sorrows”. Oooo, that's got to hurt! Honestly, even the skits are funny.

Albumaday... rating: 9/10
1.    Feel Me (Intro) - 1:28
2.    Daddy Fat Sax - 2:36
3.    Turns Me On - 3:29
4.    Follow Us - 3:35
5.    Shutterbugg - 3:35
6.    General Patton - 3:12
7.    Tangerine - 4:14
8.    You Ain't No DJ - 5:31
9.    Hustle Blood - 4:00
10. Be Still - 5:10
11. Fo Yo Sorrows - 3:42
12. Night Night - 3:45
13. Shine Blockas - 3:45
14. The Train, Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves the Day) – 5:20
15. Back Up Plan - 3:43

Listen to ‘Be Still’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvkaDW-OfUU


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