7 July 2013

6th July - The B-52's' The B-52's

Artist – Album: The B-52s – The B-52s
Released:  6th July 1979
Sounds Like: 
Here's a bit of trivia for you: On 18th April 1930, listeners to the 6.30pm Good Friday new broadcast on BBC Radio were matter-of-factly informed that “There is no news”, with the remainder of the usual broadcast time filled with piano music. On 6th July 2013, my loyal (i.e. small) band of avid (i.e. capable of feigning interest when I bring the topic of music up) readers were treated to a similar scenario yesterday, as they eagerly searched the Albumaday… website only to find that there was no posting. Well guys, I can assure you that albums were released that day. It just happens that I was out enjoying the sun/getting drunk for a lot longer than I’d originally intended and therefore completely missed the 24 hour window to make a post. Doh!
In actual fact, the 6th July saw the release of a bit of a belter. Released during the aftermath of the punk movement, when the rules were re-written and perversely the artists placed as much emphasis on their appearance as their music, The B-52’s’ self-titled debut was a breath of kitschy fresh air. With a sound that was as colourful and animated as that album cover, the album dances through it’s nine tracks in a state of unbridled ecstasy. Over a quirky amalgamation of pop rock, new wave, funk and punk, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson woop and holler whilst Fred Schneider sing-speaks in his campy vocal style about dance crazes, b-movie sci-fi and oceanic shindigs.
Opening with the brooding ‘Planet Claire’ things lighten up considerably by the revelries of ‘Dance This Mess Around’ and their signature tune (until ‘Love Shack’ that is) ‘Rock Lobster’. ‘There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)’ is playful nonsense, whilst their cover of ‘Downtown’ which closes proceedings is ramshackle and amateurish but expertly displays their love for all things 50’s and early 60’s. It simply is a great party album.
Albumaday... rating: 8/10
 1.       Planet Claire – 4:35
 2.       52 Girls – 3:34
 3.       Dance This Mess Around – 4:36
 4.       Rock Lobster – 6:49
 5.       Lava – 4:54
 6.       There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon) – 4:54
 7.       Hero Worship – 4:07
 8.       6060-842 – 2:48
 9.       Downtown – 2:57

Also released on the 6th July:
2009: Slow Club – Yeah So

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