13 October 2013

13th October - James' Millionaires

Artist – Album: James - Millionaires
Released: 13th October 1999
Sounds Like: My first concert

Ok, so today’s choice is a bit of a personal one, rather than one with much artistic credibility. The tour supporting James’ Millionaires was the first arena concert that I ever went to, and it was awesome. Even though we had to leave for the last train before ‘Sit Down’ even started, I still got to spend an hour and a half watching the magnetic Tim Booth weave and bob across the stage like some Mancunian shaman. I’ve not really listened to Millionaires much since – the Best Of is better, pure and simple – so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I pressed play today.

What I’ve found out, dear reader, is that the first half of songs is immense. From the hectic ‘Crash’ to the stately, bittersweet ‘We’re Going to Miss You’, it’s flawless. ‘Just Like Fred Astaire’ perfectly encapsulates the giddiness of new love, ‘I Know What I’m Here For’ is swaggering and pumped up, and ‘Shooting My Mouth Off’ is a delightfully fun oddity. After that, things get a bit ropey, and I was reminded why I didn’t recognise some of the tunes by name – I’d just skip them – but it shouldn’t detract too much from the opening quartet.

The album caused Q magazine – ok, not the most trustworthy source but a noted publication nonetheless – to proclaim that:

“While musically different, a similar burning sense of an idea whose time has come runs through Parklife, Coming Up, Urban Hymns, Everything Must Go, OK Computer and (What's the Story) Morning Glory?. These are the albums that, if there’s any justice, Millionaires will be cited alongside when the great British rock records of this decade are counted.”

This is clearly nonsense, but the album is still patchy, brilliant and intriguing.

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.  Crash – 4:00
2.  Just Like Fred Astaire – 3:45
3.  I Know What I’m Here For – 3:56
4.  Shooting My Mouth Off – 3:27
5.  We’re Going to Miss You – 4:40
6.  Strangers – 5:12
7.  Hello – 4:38
8.  Afro Lover – 4:06
9.  Surprise – 5:04
10.             Dumb Jam – 2:41
11.             Someone’s Got It In For Me – 4:13
12.             Vervaceous – 5:42

Listen to ‘Shooting My Mouth Off’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7WnObNIZNo

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