22 October 2013

22nd October - Led Zeppelin's Led Zeppelin II

Artist – Album: Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II
Released: 22th October 1969
Sounds Like: The only way to fly

Their debut was good, but Led Zeppelin II was the album where Led Zep became Led Zep. Blues based hard rock (‘Heartbreaker’), Tolkein-inspired lyrics (‘Ramble On’) and even a bloody long drum solo (‘Moby Dick’): these are to Led Zep what tiny Stonehenges, amps that go up to 11 and self-combusting drummers are to Spinal Tap. Oh look, I mentioned Spinal Tap on a heavy metal album review (I have previous: here and here)! This time, though, there is a fair excuse; for Led Zeppelin II didn’t only cement the sound of Led Zeppelin, it provided the blueprint for every other heavy metal album that followed. And, even now, it’s still better than them all.

Albumaday... rating: 10/10

1.       Whole Lotta Love – 5:34
2.       What Is and What Should Never Be – 4:44
3.       The Lemon Song – 6:19
4.       Thank You – 4:49
5.       Heartbreaker – 4:14
6.       Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman) – 2:39
7.       Ramble On – 4:23
8.       Moby Dick – 4:21
9.       Bring It On Home – 4:20

Listen to ‘Ramble On’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVp-atyiVA
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