18 October 2013

18th October - Real Estate's Days

Artist – Album: Real Estate - Days
Released: 18th October 2011
Sounds Like: Good to my right ear

Disaster! On my walk into work yesterday morning I lost the rubber bits that go around earphones, the bits that prevent them from piercing my eardrums and making me really very sore. As the majority of my Albumaday… sampling is made on the 40-minute walk to and from work, this has seriously hindered my blogability. For today I dusted off my ancient pair, family heirlooms that were crafted around the time of the French revolution, but even these are only half working and everything I listen to them is in mono. Until I buy a new pair in the next few days, therefore, everything will be reviewed by my right ear only. First world problems eh?

One band that strikes me as untroubled by first world problems, third world problems, or indeed anything at all, are Real Estate. For them everything seems so easy: in their melodic, jangly indie-pop, in Martin Courtney’s drifting vocals and in their calming lyrics. Even love, that most tricky of subjects, is given the nonchalant Real Estate treatment on the excellent ‘It’s Real’ – Courtney doesn’t need bombast or melodrama, he only needs to simply state “believe me when I say, it’s real” and your heart melts.

Younger Than Yesterday’ seems to be unrelated to the Byrds album of the same name, but it’s quite a fitting reference. Comparisons with R.E.M and The Feelies are also bang on the mark, but The Byrds are the spiritual forefathers of all three, masters of the gorgeous guitar work and sweetly worn turn of phrase. Their sound is so lovely that it has barely needed updating since the Sixties, and so the main difference between them and these is that, where The Byrds were spitting feathers over ‘fake’ bands like The Monkees, Real Estate have no worries at all.

Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       Easy – 3:53
2.       Green Aisles – 5:01
3.       It’s Real – 2:48
4.       Kinder Blumen – 3:55
5.       Out of Tune – 4:51
6.       Municipality – 3:36
7.       Wonder Years – 2:34
8.       Three Blocks – 3:18
9.       Younger Than Yesterday – 4:08
10.   All the Same – 7:21

Listen to ‘It’s Real’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HWcViTXdYc

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