2 January 2013

1st Jan - Tito Puente's Dance Mania

Artist – Album: Tito Puente – Dance Mania
Released:  1st January 1958
Sounds Like: The greatest Nando’s soundtrack album in the world... ever!

Tito Puento’s bright and brassy Dance Mania may turn 55 today, but it’s as electrifying a listen now as it ever was.

The album kicks off with some of it’s bounciest numbers - ‘El Cayuco’ and ‘Llego Mijan’ being particular highlights. ...Ok, on first listen, yes, you may think it’s all a bit Nando’s-y. But, unlike the nondescript muzak pumped out in that popular poultry purveyor, this stuff doesn’t get boring. 

The album does slow slightly for the latter half, although the tempo is never less than uplifting. My Spanish is chiefly limited to ordering beer but I do know that ‘bailar’ means to dance; and throughout the record Puente and his bandmates bellow this command.

Whether you’re planning on continuing the new year’s party weeks into 2013, or if today’s more about cleaning up last night’s mess whilst nursing the mother of all hangovers; you should make a resolution to hear this album as soon as possible.

Albumaday... rating:   8/10

1.     El Cayuco – 2:33
2.     Complicacion – 3:18
3.     3-D Mambo – 2:23
4.     Llego Mijan – 3:10
5.     Cuando Te Vea – 4:10
6.     Hong Kong Mambo – 3:42
7.     Mambo Gozon – 2:44
8.     Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe – 3:55
9.     Varsity Drag – 2:48
10.  Estoy Siempre Junto a Ti – 3:10
11.  Agua Limpia Todo – 2:55
12.  Saca Tu Mujer – 3:02

Listen to ‘Varsity Drag’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QvxhU5Fzw0

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