4 January 2013

4th Jan - The Doors' The Doors

Artist – Album: The Doors – The Doors
Released:  4th January 1967
Sounds Like: The stuff of rock (and sexual) organ legend

The Doors self titled first album is widely considered to be one of the greatest debuts of all time. It’s classic rock at it’s sleaziest best: Jim Morrison’s vocals, Rick Manzarek’s keys, Robby Krieger’s guitar and John Densmore’s drums melding together to form some kind of god damn sexual tyrannosaurus.

In truth, the album just would not be made in today’s risk-averse environment. The organ reached it’s peak as a musical instrument around the time the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America, whilst Jim Morrison’s dripping sensuality and raw masculinity would not sit well next to the One Directions’ and Justin Bieber’s of this world. The closest we have to his rock-with-your-cock-out charisma today is probably closet-lesbian Pink - she too would probably charm your father and seduce your mother if you took her to meet the parents. Furthermore, you just don’t get songs like the 11-minute, oedipal derangement of The End any more.

Still the album is a great listen, from pumping singles Break On Through and Light My Fire to the slow, otherworldliness of The Crystal Ship. Take regularly as an antidote to the modern manufactured music malaise.

Albumaday... rating:   9/10

1.       Break On Through (To the Other Side) – 2:29
2.       Soul Kitchen – 3:35
3.       The Crystal Ship – 2:34
4.       Twentieth Century Fox – 2:33
5.       Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) – 3:20
6.       Light My Fire – 7:06
7.       Back Door Man – 3:34
8.       I Looked at You – 2:22
9.       End of the Night 2:52
10.   Take It as It Comes 2:23
11.   The End – 11:41

Listen to ‘Break On Through (To The Other Side)’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbiPDSxFgd8

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