20 January 2013

20th Jan - Daft Punk's Homework

Artist – Album: Daft Punk - Homework
Released: 20th January 1997
Sounds Like: Daft Punk are playing at my house

Even when you’re slightly hungover on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, shepherd’s pie in the oven and dressing gown and slippers on, Daft Punk’s debut album Homework is a fun listen. Admittedly, there are more appropriate situations to be in when giving it a try, like getting ready for a night on the town or at a house party, but the infectious joy and exuberance of the record works whatever you’re up to.

The biggest hits, ‘Da Funk’ and ‘Around the World’, were supported by excellently offbeat videos and deservedly went on to become worldwide smashes. There are plenty of other beauties here too; the groovy ‘Revolution 909’, the name checking ‘Teachers’ and the bouncy bassline of ‘Burnin’’ all helped to make this album an instant French House classic.

If I had to make one small criticism of the album, I would say that at well over an hour long it does begin to drag a little; the duo’s excitement and multitude of ideas perhaps counting against them, when a little reining in could have made it up there with the all-time best. That being said, dance is a genre that usually works best in small doses or aided by large quantities of alcohol, and so it was an incredible achievement to make this effort so accessible and play-it-again-man. So don’t read too much into what I just said. 

As a piece of homework, I’d give it a B+ and a big red smiley face.

Albumaday... rating:  8/10

1.       Daftendirekt – 2:44
2.       WDPK 83.7 FM – 0:28
3.       Revolution 909 – 5:26
4.       Da Funk – 5:28
5.       Phoenix – 4:55
6.       Fresh – 4:03
7.       Around the World – 7:08
8.       Rollin’ & Scratchin – 7:26
9.       Teachers – 2:52
10.   High Fidelity – 6:00
11.   Rock ‘n Roll – 7:32
12.   Oh Yeah – 2:00
13.   Burnin’ – 6:53
14.   Indo Silver Club – 4:32
15.   Alive – 5:15
16.   Funk Ad – 0:50

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