16 March 2013

16 March - The Fall's Live at the Witch Trials

Artist – Album: The Fall – Live At the Witch Trials
Released:  16th March 1979
Sounds Like: A rebellious jukebox

Can somebody please explain to me The Fall? I mean, what are they? Is it punk? Is it alternative rock? Are they something that hasn’t been named yet? And why the hype? I’ll admit, there’s definitely something intriguing about Mark E Smith’s northern drawl and spiky attitude, but is that enough to make them such critic’s darlings? It’s just aggressive guitar strokes and atonal  drones, isn’t it?


However I may feel about The Fall in general, Live at the Witch Trials is actually their most accessible album, perhaps due to the fact that it was their first and may have had to tone it down a little. This is all relative of course, because this is still as far removed from what can be found on the radio as Charlie Sheen is from his sanity.

Frightened’ is a passive introduction to the group, one which can catch you unawares (it actual has melody!); ‘Rebellious Jukebox’ is a great fun punk track; ‘Two Steps Back’ is a pumping slice of Krautrock.

To be honest, they’re pretty much the only ones that really stood out for me.

Albumaday... rating: 6/10

1.       Frightened – 5:02
2.       Crap Rap 2/ Like to Blow – 2:04
3.       Rebellious Jukebox – 2:51
4.       No Xmas for John Quays – 4:38
5.       Mother-Sister! – 3:20
6.       Industrial Estate – 2:00
7.       Underground Medecin – 2:08
8.       Two Steps Back – 5:03
9.       Live at the Witch Trials – 0:51
10.   Futures and Pasts – 2:36
11.   Music Scene – 8:00

Listen to ‘Rebellious Jukebox’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAxwCMqDbVw

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