5 March 2013

5th March - Tullycraft's Beat Surf Fun

Artist – Album: Tullycraft - Beat Surf Fun

Released: 5th March 2002

Sounds Like: Twee as f**k

Tullycraft's entire mission statement can be found on the opening track on this 2002 album. Entitled 'Twee', the last lines of the joyous chorus declare:

"well you can keep the punk rock ska rap beats and house;
 fuck me i'm twee"

Tullycraft may well be twee (in fact, at times they seem like the genre’s only exponents) but they also have tongue stuck firmly in cheek and know how to poke fun at themselves. This lovely sunny album is full of such self-deprecating humour and knowledge nods to various indie culture milestones. Highlights such as ‘Glitter & Twang’, ‘Wild Bikini’ and ‘Cowgirls On Parade’ are worthy additions to any impress-your-friends/that-girl mixtape.

For those of you aren’t familiar with them – which may well be most of you, they’re famous for remaining steadfastly independent and underground – they, for want of a better reference point, sound like an American, lo-fi Belle & Sebastian. Their wit and ear for a melody recalls early 90’s group Heavenly, whilst their DIY ethic brings to mind the likes of Pavement or The Pastels.

That previous sentence reminds me of another great Tullycraft song, entitled ‘Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid to Know About’, which also sums up the charm and the smarts of the group. The narrator tries to convince this 
girl he fancies to leave her new boyfriend by spouting hipster nonsense:

“Sure he buys you records
If you like them by U2
But if you want the Pastels
Baby, here's what you should do...”

Embrace the twee!

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1. Twee - 3:23
2. Glitter & Twang - 4:09
3. Christine, ND - 3:18
4. Wild Bikini - 2:34
5. DIY Queen - 4:19
6. Cowgirls On Parade - 3:12
7. I Kept the Beach Boys - 2:27
8. Orange Cake Mix - 1:50
9. Knockout - 1:55
10. Radio Theme - 0:46
11. Sent to the Moon - 4:17
12. Who Needs What - 3:15

Listen to ‘Twee’ www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7PN3YTzuYM

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