30 March 2013

30th March - Pulp's This Is Hardcore

Artist – Album: Pulp – This Is Hardcore
Released:  30th March 1998
Sounds Like: This is our "Music from A Bachelors Den", The sound of loneliness turned up to ten.

I’m afraid it’s just going to be a brief post today guys, I’m feeling very delicate after being on the wrong side of a 36 hour bender. No loud noises please.

Fortunately, This Is Hardcore doesn’t really go for balls out, in your face rock music. There’s bite and aggression, but it’s mainly in the form of snide comments from lead singer Jarvis Cocker and short, punchy synths. That is something my fragile mind can cope with.  

Stand out songs include the deceptively soft ‘Dishes’, which boasts the immortal opening couplet “I am not Jesus, though I have the same initials”, and ‘Help the Aged’ which, when performed on Da Ali G Show, was garnished with some additional lines such as “help the motherfuckin’ aged”.

As a follow up to Different Class, it signified a change from the wistful anthems and belting choruses to a darker, edgier mood. It stood as one of the final nails in the coffin of the Britpop movement, but it’s not just an important album. It’s a thoroughly good one too.  

Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       The Fear – 5:35
2.       Dishes – 3:30
3.       Party Hard – 4:00
4.       Help the Aged – 4:28
5.       This is Hardcore – 6:25
6.       TV Movie – 3:25
7.       A Little Soul – 3:19
8.       I’m a Man – 4:59
9.       Seductive Barry – 8:31
10.   Sylvia – 5:44
11.   Glory Days – 4:55

Listen to ‘Help the Aged’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bZjKC0EaY0

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