22 March 2013

22nd March - Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours

Artist – Album: Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Released:  22nd March 2008
Sounds Like:  The perfect indie dance album

It’s Friday! Happy weekend one and all. It’s also time to listen to Australian indietronica group Cut Copy’s glorious 2008 album. This is the sort of record that was made for the beginning of the weekend; it’s the perfect cocktail to celebrate the end of the last full working week for the best part of a month, thanks to the crucifixion and subsequent Stone Roses style resurrection of Jesus Christ, superstar. Thanks guy!

What makes this such a good Friday night (that’s good Friday night, Good Friday is next week), getting-ready-to-go-out album is its unpretentious exuberance. Although born of the same movement that brought us LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip, Cut Copy feel like there’s just a whole lot less baggage to them, that they’re happy being happy and they want you to be too. In that sense, they bring to mind more Discovery-era Daft Punk, which is no bad thing.

The best tracks here are unforgettable – the opening salvo of ‘Feel the Love’, ‘Out there on the Ice’ and ‘Lights & Music’ has hardly ever been bettered, even by the most decorated records around. ‘So Haunted’, ‘Hearts on Fire’ and ‘Far Away’ complete a thrilling half a dozen tracks. Elsewhere, admittedly, the album occasionally fails to hit the heights. At (rare) times the music can feel clunky and forced, and fifty minutes of relentless energy can be pretty difficult for anyone to maintain or digest.

I recommend you give it a spin and get your weekend started in the right way. But I’m not going to hold it against you if you don’t, it’s Friday!

Albumaday... rating: 8/10

1.       Feel the Love – 4:28
2.       Out There on the Ice – 4:58
3.       Lights & Music – 4:37
4.       We Fight for Diamonds – 1:02
5.       Unforgettable Season – 3:13
6.       Midnight Runner – 2:33
7.       So Haunted – 4:27
8.       Voices in Quartz – 1:21
9.       Hearts on Fire – 4:53
10.   Far Away – 4:56
11.   Silver Thoughts – 0:29
12.   Strangers in the Wind – 4:44
13.   Visions – 1:10
14.   Nobody Lost, Nobody Found – 4:39
15.   Eternity One Night Only – 3:06

 Listen to ‘Far Away’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_GPmF6iD6U

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