29 December 2013

29th December - Christopher Williams' Changes

Artist – Album: Christopher Williams - Changes
Released: 29th December 1992
Sounds Like: Scraping the Barrel

What can I tell you about Christopher Williams? Um... not a lot. Honestly, I haven't got a clue who the guy is. Changes (or at least the bits I managed to find on Youtube, the record not being good enough to be in the gargantuan Spotify library) seems to be a completely inoffensive, if uninspiring, R&B album. The first song I listened to I quite liked until I realised it was actually just the soundtrack to an advert and the real song hadn't started yet. I really wouldn't think that it's worth your time unless you're massively into your slow and sensual neo-soul, and even then I'd recommend that you take a few cold showers and put something a bit more substantial on like Otis Redding or Marvin Gaye. 

Wikipedia - which we must never doubt - can fill in some of the other gaps in our knowledge about the man himself...The nephew of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, he most certainly has not been living off that claim to fame his whole life. No. He has starred in films such as 1991's New Jack City, and the 1990 police drama New York Undercover, in which he gave a memorable performance as "the singer". Some people thought he had died of an unknown illness in 2005 but it turned out that was just an internet hoax. So, that's not really anything... And he categorically did not beat up Halle Berry when he dated her in the late Eighties/ early Nineties, despite what you think, and he reckons it was probably Wesley Snipes that did it. Which seems like something you wouldn't want to say about someone who is liable to beat you up.

What a hero. Definitely someone worth my blogging about and you reading about. Cheers guys. 

Albumaday... rating: 5/10

1.       All I See – 4:18
2.       Don’t U Wanna Make Love – 6:53
3.       Good Lovin’ – 4:48
4.       Come Go with Me – 4:59
5.       When a Fool Becomes a Man – 5:26
6.       Changes – 5:10
7.       Where Is the Love – 3:55
8.       Let’s Get Right – 5:14
9.       Where Are U Now – 6:28
10.   Every Little Thing U Do – 4:44
11.   Please, Please, Please – 4:19
12.   Dreamin – 4:40 

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