2 December 2013

2nd December - The Roots' Undun

Artist – Album: The Roots - Undun
Released: 2nd December 2011
Sounds Like: pizza box advent calendar

Bad boyfriend time – despite the lovely Amy giving me a brilliant personalised Thorntons advent calendar on Thursday, I still hadn’t returned the favour to her by midday today. Worse, none of the shops I tried had any left. However, I wasn’t about to let that beat me: at the umpteenth supermarket I came up with the excellent (ha!) idea of making one myself. All I’d need was an empty pizza box, a good selection of chocolates and some colouring pencils (reminds me of the end of those ridiculous lists that they used to have on the Kenan and Kel Show). A smart idea perhaps, but the result does look just a little bit rubbish and half-assed. Which could also be said about Undun.

The smart idea here is to have a character based story arc of a concept album, run backwards from his grisly death. It is admittedly well realised too, it’s just a few too many of the songs seem to plod along without any real passion. Having thoroughly enjoyed Phrenology just the other day, I’m just a touch disappointed that they couldn’t hit those same heights again.

On the plus side, the best tracks are really good. ‘Kool On’ is enough to make the whole project worth it. Amy should be here any minute, so hopefully she can find the positives from my little burst of creativity too…

Albumaday... rating: 7/10

1.       Dun – 1:16
2.       Sleep – 2:15
3.       Make My – 4:27
4.       One Time – 3:55
5.       Kool On – 3:48
6.       The OtherSide – 4:03
7.       Stomp – 2:23
8.       Lighthouse – 3:43
9.       I Remember – 3:15
10.   Tip the Scale – 4:17
11.   Redford – 1:52
12.   Possibility – 0:55
13.   Will to Power – 1:03
14.   Finality – 1:31 

Listen to ‘Kool On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjWGQgw1t9c

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