3 December 2013

3rd December - The Who's My Generation

Artist – Album: The Who – My Generation
Released: 3rd December 1966
Sounds Like: Suitable for all generations

For those that are more familiar with the bloated excesses of The Who’s 70’s efforts such as rock-opera Tommy and the behemoth Who’s Next, My Generation comes across as incredibly trim. The fact that only one track reaches the four minute mark suggests a collection that is at once both lean and geared up. Indeed, that incredible title track is as wiry and tough as music got in the Sixties, as it stutters and bounces like a bog-eyed, pogoing amphetamine addict. But that only tells half the story, as one of the real treats of listening to their debut is that it leaves little clue as to what genre they would come to rest on – would it be the proto-punk of ‘My Generation’, the soul-tinged “Maximum R&B” of ‘Please, Please, Please’ or the glistening power-pop of ‘The Kids Are Alright’? In the end, the group cemented their legend on anthemic dad rock and windmilled power chords, but at this point in their career it seemed that they could have done anything

Albumaday... rating: 9/10

1.       Out in the Street – 2:31
2.       I Don’t Mind – 2:36
3.       The Good’s Gone – 4:02
4.       La-La-La-Lies – 2:17
5.       Much Too Much – 2:47
6.       My Generation – 3:18
7.       The Kids Are Alright – 3:04
8.       Please, Please, Please – 2:45
9.       It’s Not True – 2:31
10.   I’m a Man – 3:21
11.   A Legal Matter – 2:48
12.   The Ox – 3:50

Listen to ‘The Kids Are Alright: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afam2nIae4o

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